New Partnership: Groove + Femme International = Impact

wrote this on September 29, 2015

Today, I’m so pleased to announce a new partnership between Groove and Canadian NGO, Femme International. As part of this partnership, we have committed to donate 10 percent of Groove proceeds (for as long as we exist) to charitable organizations that empower women and girls. Our donations to Femme will further enable their mission to transform the lives of girls in East African communities with vital menstrual health and hygiene education.

We want to make a difference.

From the very first moment of Groove’s existence as a company, making a positive impact has been extremely important to me. I started Groove because it was obvious to me that women and girls in my own community need access to better menstrual and reproductive health education. But I also wanted to make sure that Groove was always considering the unique struggles of girls and women in developing communities across the globe.

Millions of women still lack access to basic sanitation and safe, affordable menstrual hygiene products, and, sadly, for these girls and women, schooling is often the first thing to go. As the founder of a company whose mission is to empower women, these sorts of global issues have never been far from my mind.

Should we form a partnership?

I decided soon after starting Groove that I wanted 10% of all company proceeds to be used to make a positive impact, but, at the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what that would mean. And I had a lot of questions: should I start my own nonprofit? is 10% unsustainable? should I settle and instead opt for 1% for the planet? should we form a partnership?

I knew in my heart that a 10 percent donation was non-negotiable for me, and we eventually decided that we wanted to partner with a charitable organization to make it happen. But because being a founder typically means being incredibly obsessive and detail-oriented (I’m definitely both of those things), I knew that finding an organization that was up to my standards would be a massive undertaking.

Meet Femme.

I wanted to work with an organization that fully and relentlessly embodies everything we believe as a company at Groove. To me, that meant finding an organization that not only helps girls and women, but that also acts in the best interest of the communities they serve by spending and operating responsibly. It meant always putting people first. And the first time I spoke with Sabrina Rubli, the cofounder and Executive Director of Canadian NGO Femme International, I knew I had found exactly what I was holding out for.

Sabrina’s passion for helping girls overcome the stigmas associated with menstruation was undeniable as we spoke for the first time. I could tell that Femme was something special, and it was obvious to me that I had found an organization that was just as passionate as Groove about changing the world. There was no question in my mind that Femme and Groove were a match made in heaven!

Femme International, in Sabrina’s own words, “promotes women’s health (specifically menstruation) through education, and uses conversation to break down the stigma and normalize the issue”. Femme works with schools in Kenya and Tanzania, empowering girls with knowledge and distributing sustainable, reusable menstrual kits (Femme Kits). In communities where menstruation is taboo and where girls routinely miss school because of it, these things have the power to drastically transform their lives.

YOU are the key ingredient in this partnership.

My hope is that this will be the first of many partnerships between Groove and amazing organizations like Femme. Because as we continue to grow, so will our 10 percent donation. Imagine the impact of $1 million in revenue…that seemingly small 10 percent turns into a $100,000 donation. That’s a lot of good, and I simply can’t wait to get there.

But, I want you to realize, YOU are the most important part of this equation. Every single time you renew your monthly Groove Pro subscription in Groove’s Period & Fertility Tracker app, or make a purchase in our online store, or pay us in the future for awesome products and services we haven’t created yet, 10 percent of every dollar we get goes straight to improving girls’ lives. That right there is something to feel amazing about.

The bottom line is that this partnership simply would not be possible without your help, and I can honestly say that Groove has the best freaking customers on the planet. Thank you for enabling us to change lives.

Jennifer Aldoretta is the cofounder and CEO of Groove. She is an entrepreneur, engineer, and biohacker who is obsessed with periods, nutrition, hormones, and the microbiome.