4 Awesome Reasons to Get in Tune with Your Cycle

wrote this on September 12, 2014

Getting in tune with your menstrual cycles doesn’t mean that you have to profess your love for your period, but there are plenty of great reasons to get to know Aunt Flow. More and more women are learning about how their unique bodies work, and they’re reaping the benefits. Here’s a list of 4 reasons to get in touch with your cycle, even if you’re not ready to declare your love for it.

1. Boost your confidence.

Something wonderful always seems to happen when women come face-to-face with oodles of information about their body that they’ve been missing out on: their confidence goes through the roof! I’ve even experienced this for myself. After more than two decades of thinking that my cycles are completely mysterious and unreliable, I learned that Aunt Flow is actually very predictable when you know what to look for. I’ve walked with my head a little higher ever since.


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2. Predict your periods.

Predicting your upcoming periods is slightly more complicated than counting 28 days on a calendar, but for some reason that’s the way most of us were taught. Although arbitrarily circling days on your calendar is super simple to do, it’s typically not very accurate. Your body gives you certain cues throughout your cycle, and paying attention to these changes will help you mark your calendar more accurately than you ever thought possible.

3. Keep tabs on your health.

Learning about your cycles has an awesomely positive health consequence: it can help you detect when there might be a medical problem that needs addressing. Knowing what’s going on with your cycles and knowing what’s normal for you can make it easy to spot potential issues. Anything from vaginal infections, to hormone imbalance and beyond. Getting in tune with your cycles is preventative care at its finest.

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4. Know when you’re fertile.

The fourth and final reason to learn about your menstrual cycle is pretty badass, if you ask me. Did you know that women are only fertile for a small portion of the menstrual cycle? I didn’t for most of my life! Those same cues that help you predict upcoming periods will also help you pinpoint exactly when you’re fertile, which is incredibly useful for those who want to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy without the use of hormones. Like I said, pretty badass.

You definitely don’t need to be in love with your period to take advantage of these incredible benefits.

Jennifer Aldoretta is the cofounder and CEO of Groove. She is an entrepreneur, engineer, and biohacker who is obsessed with periods, nutrition, hormones, and the microbiome.